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Archived Comments for: Management approach for recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax in consecutive pregnancies based on clinical and radiographic findings

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  1. LAM is a real possibility

    Ben Creagh-Brown, Chest clinic, St George

    23 January 2007

    Dear Sirs,

    I read your case with great interest. I have recent published a case of recurrent pneumothorax during pregnancy where the underlying diagnosis was LAM (Creagh-Brown B, Cooke N, Corbishley C, Conservative management of an unusual cause of breathlessness during pregnancy. Respiratory Medicine Extra (2006) 2, 116–119)

    You mention the possibility that LAM may underlie your patient's presentations but do not explain what investigations have taken place to exclude this possibility. It would be reassuring to know that her pulmonary function tests and HRCT were normal.

    Yours sincerely, Ben

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