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Fate of Tricuspid Valve Five Years after Left Heart Valve Replacement

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Residual functional tricuspid regurgitation can cause significant symptoms after a successful left heart valve replacement surgery. There is more evidence towards repairing moderate tricuspid valve regurgitation of late.


We analysed the fate of Tricuspid valve at the end of five years after a left heart valve replacement irrespective of whether they had undergone a concomitant TV repair or not during the initial surgery


Between January 2008 and December 2009, 200 patients who had undergone a left heart valve replacement were analysed for the degree of TV regurgitation at the end of five years. 162 patients had undergone a Mitral valve surgery and 38 patients had undergone a double valve replacement. Group I - 40 patients had a concomitant TV repair (Modified de Vaga's annuloplasty) during the primary surgery and Group II 160 patients did not have a concomitant TV repair.


In Group I, of the 40 patients, 4 patients (10%) underwent TV repair for moderate TV regurgitation, and all the 4 patients had trivial to mid TV regurgitation. 36 patients underwent TV repair for severe regurgitation, of these patients, 30 patients (83.3%) had trivial to mild residual TV regurgitation, while only 6 patients (16.6%) had moderate to severe TV regurgitation. In Group II, of the 160 patients, 58 patients (36.2%) and 16 patients (10%) had moderate and severe TV regurgitation which was left un-corrected. Of the 58 patients who had moderate TV regurgitation, 20 patients (34.4%) had moderate regurgitation and 4 patients (6.8%) had severe TV regurgitation at the end of five years. Of the 16 patients who had severe TR addressed during the initial surgery, 8 patients (50%) had moderate to severe TV regurgitation at the end of five years.


A concomitant Tricuspid valve repair is recommended during a left heart valve replacement, if the degree of Tricuspid regurgitation is moderate. This helps in alleviating the symptoms of residual tricuspid valve regurgitation on long term follow up.

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