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Archived Comments for: Surgical strategy to prevent cardiac injury during reoperation in infants

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  1. Reservations on SAC

    A Protopapas, Great Ormond Street Hospital

    29 August 2008

    Just a quick comment: cannulating the innominate artery does nothing to prevent cardiac injury upon re-entry, it just offers an option for the aortic pipe IN CASE OF CARDIAC INJURY-we still have to divide the sternum and mostly introduce bicaval cannulae.

    I do not see how access for cannulation via the suprasternal notch is safer than redo sternotomy-the tissues are already adhered given the previous sternotomy, particularly where thymectomy and innominate cannulation have taken place in the first operation.The same applies to cavoatrial cannulation without sternotomy-a video showing the technique would be illuminating!

    Kindest Regards

    Aristotle D Protopapas MSc. FRCS

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