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Table 1 Reported cases of mycotic aneurysm infected by Bacteroids fragilis

From: Bacteroides fragilis aortic arch pseudoaneurysm: case report with review

Author, year Age, Sex Lo Clinical presentation F* Possible etiology Find-ing Surgery Results
Present case 58, F Arch FUO Y Pelvic abscess PA Graft Expired, 14 days
Beland, 2005 65, M Da Hemoptysis N Diverticulitis, leprosy PA EVAR Survived
Tsuji 2003 74, M Iliac Chronic back pain N Osteomyolitis PA Survived  
Matsuyama 2003 69, M Da Sudden back pain N Cholecystitis PA Survived  
Doita 2001 60, M Aa Low back pain N Pyogenic osetomyolitis PA Survived  
O'Donnell 1999 71, M Aa FUO Y Unknown SA Yes, ND Expired, on table
Jewkes 1989 58, M Aa Abdominal pain Y Appendiceal abscess SA Extra anatomic bypass Survived
Sheehan 1983 53, M Aa Pulsatile mass Y Translumbar aortography PA Laparotomy Expired
  1. Aa: abdominal aorta; Da: descending aorta; FUO: fever of unknown origin; ND: not described; PA: pseudoaneurysm; SA: saccular aneurysm