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Table 1 PainDETECT questionnaire

From: Epidural analgesia is not superior to systemic postoperative analgesia with regard to preventing chronic or neuropathic pain after thoracotomy

(Item) Score
Gradation of pain 0
Do you suffer from a burning sensation (e.g. stinging ncttksj in the marked areas?  
• Do you have a tingling or prickling sensation in the area of your pain (like crawling ants or electrical tingling)? 0-5
• Is hght touching (clothing, a blanket) in this area painful? 0-5
• Do you have sudden pain attacks in the area of your pain, like electric chcks 0-5
• Is cold or heat (bath water) in this area occasionally painful? 0-5
• Do you suffer trom a sensation of numbness in the areas that you marked? 0-5
• Does slight pressure in this area, e.g. with a finger, trigger pain? 0-5
Pain course pattern  
Please select the picture that best describes the course of your pain:  
 Persistent pain with slight fluctuations 0
 Persistent pain with pain attacks -1
 Pain attacks without pain between them +1
 Pain attacks with pain between them +1
Radiating pain  
Does your pain radiate to other regions of your body? Yes/No +2/0
  1. For each question: never, 0; hardly noticed. I slightly. 2; moderately. 3: strongly, 4; very strongly, 5 Questions used to document pain, but which were not used in the scoring, are not shown.
  2. Cited from CMRO 2008;22 [10]:1911–20.