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Table 1 Clinical features of the cases of bronchial glomus tumor described in the literature

From: Glomus tumor of uncertain malignant potential arising in the bronchus

Reference Age, Gender Symptoms Localization Follow up Recurrence
Takahashi, 2006 67, male cough Right superior bronchial trunk 8 months none
Altinok, 2006 83, female hemoptysis, dyspnea, cough the upper third of the trachea 1 year none
Akata 2008 39, male cough left main bronchus 6 years none
Kenan E. Haver, 2008 10, female dyspnea with exertion, chest pain middle portion of the trachea 9 months none
Inaba 2010 67, male hemoptysis, cough truncus intermedius 1 year none
Yan Shang, 2010 59, male dyspnea, cough, chest pain Lower Tracheal Segment 1 year none
Nakajima, 2010 30, male hemosputum right truncus intermedius 10 months none
Akira Mogi, 2011 56, female Cough, dyspnea the lower trachea 9 months none
Ravenna F 2011 79, male cough , bloody sputum left main bronchus 5 years none
Lang-Lazdunski, 2012 62, male hemoptysis Left main bronchus 5 years none