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Table 2 Patients’demographics and accompanying diseases

From: Hybrid debranching and TEVAR of the aortic arch off-pump, in re-do patients with complicated chronic type-A aortic dissections: a critical report

Patient Age at debranching (years) Sex Accompanying diseases
#1 73.08 M AHT, HLP, CHD, COLD, DM
#2 79.09 F AHT; HLP; CHD; RA
#3 81.99 F AHT; RA
#4 70.99 F AHT
#5 70.83 F AHT, HLP, DM, CAD
  1. AHT Arterial hypertension, HLP Hyperlipidemia, CHD Coronary heart disease, CAD Carotid artery disease, COLD Chronic obstructive lung disease, DM Diabetes mellitus, RA Rheumatoid arthritis.