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Table 4 Intraoperative and postoperative times, postoperative complications and results of the mid term follow-up

From: Hybrid debranching and TEVAR of the aortic arch off-pump, in re-do patients with complicated chronic type-A aortic dissections: a critical report

Patient Operation time (min) CPB time (min) ICU time (days) Hospital stay (days) Perioperative period Chronic postoperative period
#1 536 29 1 10 Uneventful Persisting Type I Endoleak, occlusion of one bypass branch with consecutive cerebral malperfusion. Redo elephant trunk.
#2 386 0 3 13 Uneventful Type II endoleak via the brachiocephalic trunk, insignificant.
#3 386 38 1 1 Early postoperative death due to cardiac tamponade -
#4 355 0 1 10 Uneventful Uneventful
#5 415 0 23 23 Delayed: Pneumonia, delirium, critical illness polyneuropathia, previous cerebral infarction Died six months postoperativey due to pulmonary embolism