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Archived Comments for: Early administration of levosimendan is associated with improved kidney function after cardiac surgery – a retrospective analysis

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  1. is levosimendan improving the kidney function after cardiac surgery ?

    ahmet dolapoglu, texas heart institute

    8 December 2014

    Congratulations on the valuable study, once again, reinforcing the importance of early administration of Levosimendan by paying attention to improved kidney function after cardiac surgery.  After reading the article, I have come up with some suggestions and questions related to this study.

    First of all, I suggest that if you tried to add another group which with levosimendan administration before the anesthesia induction  to your study would be better, because we can see the more reliable results and strengthens the importance of early levosimendan adminstration. Another suggestion is that if you could compare the kidney functions after cardiac surgery with or without using levosimendan, we could see the levosimendan affect on kidney function.

    In addition, I did not see any data related to the cardiopulmonary bypass and cross clamp times  and the types of surgery (coronary bypass or valve reconstruction/replacement), however if cardiopulmonary bypass time is prolonged it can affect the kidney function. Did you have chance to look cardiopulmonary bypass times and types of surgery in these patients?

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