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Table 2 Treatment Courses of the 7 Patients in Non-transplant Group

From: Survival after heart transplantation for non-metastatic primary cardiac sarcoma

Age/Sex Grade, Status at Starting Point of Treatment Chemotherapy Radiation Therapy Metastasis (mo) Survival (mo)
40/F G2 Recurrence at 6 mo after R1 resection Yes Yes Bone (2) D, 22
42/M G3 Recurrence at 2 mo after R1 resection Yes Yes Lung(14), bone (20) D, 27
60/F G3 Partial resection Yes Yes Chest wall (2), brain (18) D, 19
38/M G3 Partial resection No No - D, 8
44/F U Partial resection No No Brain (1) D, 2
48/M U Biopsy No No Lung (3) D, 5
69/F G3 Biopsy No No - D, 3
  1. D death, F female, M male, U unkown