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Table 2 Details of events related to the patients’ pathogenic conditions

From: A retrospective analysis of 62,571 cases of perioperative adverse events in thoracic surgery at a tertiary care teaching hospital in a developing country

Operation Clinical manifestation Causes Treatment
Right lower lobectomy Left bronchus bleeding after endotracheal intubation with a F32 double lumen tube Upper left lobe bronchiectasis Fibreoptic bronchoscopy, operation postponed until 12 days later
Video-assisted mediastinoscopic lymphnode biopsy Arrhythmia (frequent premature ventricular with different QRS wave directions and tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome) Hypoglycaemia 2.3 mmol/L Arrhythmia relieved after the infusion of glucose
Right lower lobectomy Limb twitching and spasms, atrial ectopic beat, and hyperpnoea and hypertension after ondansetron injection Rare adverse drug reaction Oxygen inhalation, midazolam 2 mg, amiodarone 150 mg
Pneumonectomy of right lung cancer Hypotension and tachycardia after the administration of hydroxyethyl starch Hydroxyethyl starch allergy Stopped hydroxyethyl starch infusion, dilation with crystal solution, low-dose epinephrine
Pneumonectomy of destroyed right lung Hypotension, chemosis and high airway pressure after blood transfusion Transfusion reaction Stopped blood transfusion and added infusion of low-dose epinephrine