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Table 2 Laboratory Data on admission

From: Dual antiplatelet therapy up to the time of non-elective coronary artery bypass grafting with prophylactic platelet transfusion: is it safe?

Variable on admissionControl group (n = 114)Clopidogrel group (n = 126)P-value
 Number of vessels grafts3.21(3-4)3(3-3).061
 Aortic Clamp (min)41.5(35–50)42(37–51).310
 ECC time (min)73.5(62–83)71(62–83).643
  1. ECC Extracorporeal circulation
  2. PTT Partial thromboplastin time test
  3. INR International Normalized Ratio
  4. a χ2 test, n (%)
  5. b Mann-Whitney independent samples, median + interquartile range