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Table 1 Characteristics of study population – annulus diameter, AML 4 CH and AML PLAX were measured preoperatively

From: Anterior mitral leaflet length and mitral annulus diameter impact the echocardiographic outcome after isolated myectomy

 Min–maxAverage (SD)
Annulus diameter [mm]21.0–34.027.1 (3.2)
AML 4CH [mm]19.0–29.725.0 (2.7)
AML PLAX [mm]22.3–36.031.4 (3.1)
The greatest gradient before operation [mmHg]40.00–19596.53 (33.25)
The greatest gradient after operation [mmHg]5.00–11028.86 (22.60)
  1. SD: standard deviation, AML: anterior mitral leaflet, 4CH: apical four chamber view, PLAX: parasternal long axis view