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Table 8 Intergroup comparison using Student t-test, patients divided according to the echocardiographic outcome after surgery. NYHA class was compared using Chi2 test

From: Anterior mitral leaflet length and mitral annulus diameter impact the echocardiographic outcome after isolated myectomy

n = 22
n = 14
Gender (man/woman)17/54/100.004
 Average (SD) 
Age [years]48.68 (16.98)55.43 (9.58)0.137
AML 4CH [mm]25.9 (2.3)23.5 (2.7)0.008
AML PLAX [mm]32.3 (2.3)30.0 (3.8)0.030
Annulus [mm]28.1 (2.8)25.4 (3.2)0.011
AML 4CH x annulus7.07 (1.12)5.93 (1.05)0.011
AML PLAX x annulus8.91 (1.33)7.41 (1.27)0.006
AML 4CH / annulus0.94 (0.13)0.93 (0.18)0.92
AML PLAX / annulus1.18 (0.14)1.16 (0.22)0.835
NYHA Class before surgery0.229
NYHA Class after surgery0.633
NYHA Class change before-after0.475
  1. SD: standard deviation, AML: anterior mitral leaflet, 4CH: apical four chamber view, PLAX: parasternal long axis view, NYHA: New York Heart Association classification