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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Short-term outcomes of modified Y-graft technique in acute type a aortic dissection using the femoral artery bypass and one minute systemic circulatory arrest technique

Number of patients51
Age, years46.3 ± 9.9
Sex, men: women42:9
Emergency operation49 (96.1%)
Marfan syndrome4 (7.8%)
Aortic valve regurgitation18 (35.3%)
Diabetes mellitus1 (2.0%)
Smoking, past or current41 (80.4%)
Hypertension48 (94.1%)
Renal dysfunction3 (5.9%)
Pulmonary disease1 (2.0%)
Ischemic coronary heart disease4
  1. Data are reported as mean ± SD, median (interquartile range), or number (%)