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Table 6 Allover and sex-specific adjusted preoperative risk factors for 30-day-mortality (variables with significant or nearly significant p-values presented)

From: Sex-specific risk factors for early mortality and survival after surgery of acute aortic dissection type a: a retrospective observational study

VariableTotal  Male  Female  
Age (years)      0.0191.0821.013–1.155
DM 20.0522.8470.990–8.188      
Hyperlipoproteinemia      0.0096.7861.611–28.596
Coronary heart disease0.0112.5681.246–5.292   0.0045.8341.779–19.135
CPR<  0.00112.2725.194–28.996< 0.00116.7275.834–47.9540.0246.9731.297–37.500
  1. OR Odds Ratio, CI Confidence interval, DM 2 Diabetes mellitus type 2, CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (≤ 48 h preoperative); bold text, p-values ≤0.05