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Table 1 Esophageal cancer/ Esophageal and gastroesophageal junction tumors. Application: squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, adenosquamous carcinoma, undifferentiated carcinoma, neuroendocrine carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation. (excluding sarcomas, gastrointestinal stromal tumors)

From: The treatments and postoperative complications of esophageal cancer: a review

T--primary tumor N--regional lymph nodes (for adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma)
TX Primary tumors cannot be evaluated NX Regional lymph nodes cannot be evaluated
T0 No evidence of primary tumor N0 No regional lymph node metastasis
Tis Highly atypical hyperplasia, confined to the epithelium N1 One to two regional lymph node metastases
T1 The tumor invaded the lamina propria, mucous membrane or submucosa N2 Three to six regional lymph node metastases
T1a The tumor invades the lamina propria or the muscularis mucosa N3 Equal to or more than 7 regional lymph node metastases
T1b The tumor invaded the submucosa M--distal metastasis (for adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma)
T2 The tumor invaded the muscularis propria M0 No remote transfer
T3 The tumor invaded the outer membrane M1 There’s a distal shift
T4 The tumor invaded adjacent structures   
T4a Tumor invades pleura, pericardium, azygos vein, transverse septum or pleura   
T4B Tumors invade adjacent structures such as the aorta, vertebra, and trachea   
G--degree of differentiation (adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma) L--tumor location (tumor location refers to the center of the tumor, applicable to squamous cell carcinoma)
GX The degree of differentiation cannot be assessed X unable to locate
G1 High differentiation In the upper Cervical esophagus to the lower margin of azygos vein
G2 moderately differentiated In the middle Inferior margin of azygos vein to inferior margin of pulmonary vein
G3 Low differentiation, undifferentiation hypomere Inferior pulmonary vein lower margin, to the gastroesophageal junction