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Table 1 Summary of characteristics of cases on congenital intrathoracic spleen. (M: male, F: female, Asx: Asymptomatic, N: No, Y: Yes, NR: Not Reported; LOS: Length of Stay; SOB: Shortness of breath, VATs: Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery)

From: Congenital intrathoracic accessory spleen is a very rare trick of nature: a case report

Author Age Sex Remote hx of trauma Splenectomy Laterality Symptom at diag Preop diagnosis Preop workup Vascular supply Surgical approach LOS
Balacumaraswami et al.(2002) 62 F N Y (Hx of HS). Right (paraspinal) NR NR CT; needle biopsy (indeterminate) intercostal vessels Right lateral thoracotomy 7d
Lee et al.(2005) 31 F N N Left (lower lobe) Asx NR CT Abdominal mesenchymal vessels NR NR
Lioulias et al. (2007) 47 M N N (Hx of thalassemia) Left (paraspinal) Chest pain NR CT intercostal vessels Open mini muscle-sparing left thoracotomy 5d
Bassiony et al.(2012) 7mo F N N Left (lower lobe) SOB, Respiratory distress Sequestration CT; CT-guided needle biopsy (indeterminate) From abdomen Left posterolateral thoracotomy 5d
Our case 14 F N N Left (lower lobe) Asx Sequestration CT inferior phrenic and internal mammary Left VATS 1d