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Table 1 Clinical and pathological features of angioleiomyomas of the pulmonary artery

From: Angioleiomyoma of the pulmonary artery: a case report and literature review

  Klotz et al Terada Present case
Age/gender 54/female 62/female 27/male
Symptoms Recurrent cough None None
Smoking status Non-smoker Non-smoker Non-smoker
Location Left upper lobe Right upper lobe Right lower lobe
Tumour size (cm) 3.5 1 1.7
Gross view Tumour mass with the lumen of an artery vessel Continuous to a pulmonary artery and small pulmonary arteries scattered within the tumour Tube-like structure with vascular endothelium
Histology Consisted of spindle cells, arranged in nested bundles Consisted of mature smooth muscle with acidophilic cytoplasm Consisted of spindle-shaped smooth muscle cells
Immunostains Actin, desmin Actin, vimentin, Ki-67 (2%) SMA, desmin, Ki-67 (3%)
Treatment Resection of the whole tumour and pulmonary arterioplasty Lobectomy Segmentectomy
Clinical outcomes Free of disease for 12 months Free of disease for 10 years Free of disease for 6 months