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Table 1 Summary of clinicopathological characteristics

From: Primary malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour of the trachea: a case report and literature review

  Shah et al Neumann et al Nemade et al Present case
Age/sex 63/male 30/ND 33/male 61/female
Symptoms Dyspnoea Dyspnoea Dyspnoea, stridor Cough, Dyspnoea
Smoking status Yes ND No No
Location Thoracic trachea Cervical trachea Cervical trachea Thoracic trachea
Tumour size (cm) 2.5 1.5 ND 2.5
Lymphovascular invasion Yes ND ND No
Treatment ET, Surgery, RT ET, Surgery ET, Surgery ET, Surgery
Resection margins Negative ND Negative Negative
Clinical outcomes ND free of disease for 6 years free of disease for 32 months free of disease for 6 months
  1. ET Endoluminal treatment, RT Radiotherapy, ND Not described