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Table 1 The Scar Cosmesis Assessment and Rating (SCAR) scale

From: The use of the Scar Cosmesis Assessment and rating scale to evaluate the cosmetic outcomes of totally thoracoscopic cardiac surgery

Parameter Descriptor Score
Clinician questions
 Scar spread None/near invisible 0
Pencil-thin line 1
Mild spread, noticeable on close inspection 2
Moderate spread, obvious scarring 3
Severe spread 4
 Erythema None 0
Light pink, some telangiectasias may be present 1
Red, many telangiectasias may be present 2
Deep red or purple 3
 Dyspigmentation Absent 0
Present 1
 Suture marks Absent 0
Present 1
 Hypertrophy/atrophy None 0
Mild: palpable, barely visible hypertrophy or atrophy 1
Moderate: clearly visible hypertrophy or atrophy 2
Severe: marked hypertrophy or atrophy or keloid formation 3
 Overall impression Desirable scar 0
Undesirable scar 1
Patient questions
 Itch No 0
Yes 1
 Pain No 0
Yes 1