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Table 5 Further 3 valve-specific questions compared between SJM group and GK group

From: Comparison of quality of life in patients who underwent mechanical mitral valve replacement: star GK vs SJM

QuestionAnswerValve typeP value
Q1:whether informed the potential noise made by prosthesis before operation;yes16/8716/850.94
Q2:when did the noise stop bothering
immediately after operation33/8728/850.88
by time of discharge after operation4/876/85
by 3 months after operation6/878/85
by 6 months after operation10/877/85
by 9 months after operation11/8713/85
still bothering23/8723/85
Q3:whether get support from doctor when disturbed by the noiseget enough support8/547/570.79
get little support29/5432/57
no support17/5418/57