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Table 3 Crude comparison and propensity score adjustment of blood consumption and early outcomes of patients undergoing mixed CABG (N = 176) compared to total arterial CABG (N = 419)

From: Blood consumption in total arterial coronary artery bypass grafting

VariableOdds ratio95% CI (lower)95% CI (upper)p value
EC transfusion
 Crude comparison3.252.105.00< 0.001
 Propensity score adjusted2.741.385.430.004
TC transfusion
 Crude comparison3.831.3410.930.012
 Propensity score adjusted2.360.3416.650.39
FFP transfusion
 Crude comparison3.371.457.840.005
 Propensity score adjusted3.590.9014.340.07
All-cause 30-day mortality
 Crude comparison4.810.4353.330.20
 Propensity score adjusted0.920.0613.550.99
Postoperative stroke
 Crude comparison0.790.163.960.78
 Propensity score adjusted1.140.1012.520.92
Sternal infection
 Crude comparison1.190.1113.230.89
 Propensity score adjusted0.
Return for bleeding
 Crude comparison6.101.1731.730.032
 Propensity score adjusted0.500.0212.850.68
  1. EC erythrocyte concentrate, FFP fresh frozen plasma, TC thrombocyte concentrate