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Table 2 Operative details regarding 51 patients undergoing on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting

From: Peroperative epicardial ultrasonography of distal coronary artery bypass graft anastomoses using a stabilizing device. A feasibility study

Time of surgery skin-to-skin (minutes)
(Median (Interquartile range)
240 (195–275)
Aortic cross clamp (minutes)
(Median (Interquartile range)
65 (48.5–80.0)
Time of cardiopulmonary bypass (minutes) (Median (Interquartile range)112 (82.5–128.0)
Number of grafts per patient (Median (Interquartile range)3 (2.5–4)
Total number of peripheral anastomoses.155
Number of patients who received
 Radial artery15
Anastomoses from which ultrasonography was obtained in six planes (n; %).
 All patients134/153 (88%)
 After the initial 15 patients100/108 (93%)
  1. LIMA Left internal mammary artery, RIMA Right internal mammary artery, SVG Saphenous vein graft