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Table 1 Vasoplegic Syndrome Definitions Criteria

From: The additional use of methylene blue has a decatecholaminisation effect on cardiac vasoplegic syndrome after cardiac surgery

Criteria Septic CVS Non-septic CVS
Vasoplegic Syndrome
 • Vasopressor requirement e.g., norepinephrine > 0.15 μg*kg− 1*min− 1 X X
 • Mean arterial pressure (MAP) ≤ 70 mmHg over 2 h or X X
 • SVRI < 600 dyn*s*cm− 5*m− 2 X X
 • No ventricular dysfunction / CI > 2.5 L*min− 1 X X
 • No hypovolemia X X
Sepsis X
Vasoplegic syndrome ≤24 h after CPB X X
  1. MAP Mean arterial pressure, ICU Intensive care unit