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Table 3 Influence of coagulation status on the occurrence of thromboembolic stroke – results of logistic regression analyses

From: Thromboembolic stroke in patients with a HeartMate-II left ventricular assist device – the role of anticoagulation

  Crude odds ratio (95 % CI) Adjusted odds ratio (95 % CI)
At the time of event:   
 Coagulation status I - (reference) -
 Coagulation status II 0.91 (0.14 – 5.8) 0.63 (0.07 – 5.5)a
Two weeks prior of event:   
 Coagulation status I - (reference) -
 Coagulation status II N/Ab N/Ab
  1. Results are presented as odds ratios with 95 % confidence intervals (CI)
  2. aAdjusted for age, history of hypertension, history of hypercholesterolemia, ischemic heart disease
  3. bCould not be calculated as all strokes occurred in patients assigned to Group II