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Table 2 Patients’ profiles-2

From: Off-pump sutureless repair for ischemic left ventricular free wall rupture: a systematic review

article CPB#1 Patch material Additional material PA formation#2 Follow-up Outcomes
1 No in 12 Teflon Histoacryl No up to 5 years surviving
2 No Autologous pericardium GRF glue Yes 24 months 28 months surviving after reop#3
3 Yes in 3 Glubran/Autologous pericardium BioGluel No 3-22 months surviving
4 Yes in 4 Teflon Histoacryl No 2 months -7.5 years 5 surviving
5 No TachoComb none Yes 1 year 1 year surviving after reop
6 No TachoComb none No. 18 days surviving
7 PCPS none Fibrin glue/Surgicel No. 6 years surviving
8 PCPS TachoComb none Yes 7 days 50 days surviving after reop
9 No TachoComb none No. 15 months surviving
10 No TachoComb Gelfoam Yes 4 months 16 months 1 surviving after reop, 1 died of re-reupture 10 days after surgery
11 No TachoComb GRF Glue No 12 months surviving
12 No TachoComb none Yes, 8 days 25 days surviving after reop
13 No TachoSil Surgicel No 20 month surviving
  1. Abbreviations
  2. #1 CPB cardiopulmonary bypass, PCPS percutaneous cardio-pulmonary support, #2 PA formation Left ventricular pseudoaneurysm formation, #3 reop: reoperation
  3. Teflon: Boston Scientific, Meadox Medical Inc, Oakland, NJ, USA, Glubran; GEM Inc, Viareggio, Italy, TachoComb :CSL Behring, Tokyo, Japan, TchoSil: Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Dearfield, IL, USA
  4. Histoacryl: B. Braun Medical AG, Melsungen, Germany, GRF glue:, Nippon BXI Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  5. BioGlue; CryoLife International, Inc, Kennesaw, GA, USA, Surgicel: Ethicon; Somerville, NJ, USA