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  1. Left ventricular aneurysm (LVA) is a serious complication of myocardial infarction and reduces the chances of survival. Controversy still exists regarding the optimal surgical technique for LVA repair. We anal...

    Authors: Xisheng Wang, Xuezhi He, Yunqing Mei, Qiang Ji, Jing Feng, Jianzhi Cai, Yifeng Sun and Shiliang Xie
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:126
  2. Neuromuscular electrostimulation has become a promising issue in cardiovascular rehabilitation. However there are few articles published in the literature regarding neuromuscular electrostimulation in patients...

    Authors: Carlos José Soares de Araújo, Fernanda Souza Gonçalves, Hugo Souza Bittencourt, Noélia Gonçalves dos Santos, Sérgio Vitor Mecca Junior, Júlio Leal Bandeira Neves, André Maurício Souza Fernandes, Roque Aras Junior, FranciscoJoséFariasBorges dos Reis, Armênio Costa Guimarães, ErenaldodeSouzaRodrigues Junior and Vitor Oliveira Carvalho
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:124
  3. Ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is harmful to the cardiovascular system and is responsible for the inflammatory response and multiple organ dysfunctions. In this study we investigated the effect of activated...

    Authors: Hikmet Selcuk Gedik, Kemal Korkmaz, Havva Erdem, Evvah Karakilic, Gokhan Lafci and Handan Ankarali
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:123
  4. The present study was undertaken to examine the incidence and management of surgical site infection (SSI) in patients submitted to transapical transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TA-TAVI).

    Authors: Richard Baillot, Éric Fréchette, Daniel Cloutier, Josep Rodès-Cabau, Daniel Doyle, Éric Charbonneau, Siamak Mohammadi and Éric Dumont
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:122
  5. The identification of malignant cells in effusions by conventional cytology is hampered by its limited sensitivity and specificity. The aim of this study was to investigate the value of fluorescence in situ hy...

    Authors: Jingquan Han, Shouqiang Cao, Kai Zhang, Guibin Zhao, Yanzhong Xin, Qing Dong, Yubo Yan and Jian Cui
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:121
  6. A right aortic arch is a rare congenital anomaly, with a reported incidence of around 0.1%. A patient with a right aortic arch underwent video-assisted thoracic surgery left lower lobectomy and mediastinal lym...

    Authors: Hideyuki Wada, Yasuhiro Hida, Kichizo Kaga, Ryunosuke Hase, Kazuto Ohtaka, Jun Muto, Reiko Nakada-Kubota, Satoshi Hirano and Yoshiro Matsui
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:120
  7. Optimal management of acute right heart failure following the implantation of a left ventricular assist device requires a reliable estimation of left ventricular preload and contractility. This is possible by ...

    Authors: Sotirios Spiliopoulos, Dilek Guersoy, Reiner Koerfer and Gero Tenderich
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:119
  8. The efficacy and safety of rigid pericardial endoscopy as the promising minimally invasive approach to the pericardial space was evaluated. Techniques for cell transplantation, epicardial pacemaker lead implan...

    Authors: Takehiro Kimura, Shunichiro Miyoshi, Kazuma Okamoto, Kotaro Fukumoto, Kojiro Tanimoto, Kyoko Soejima, Seiji Takatsuki and Keiichi Fukuda
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:117
  9. Destructive pulmonary inflammation can leave patients with only a single functional lung, resulting in anatomical and physiological changes that may interfere with subsequent cardiac surgeries. Such patients a...

    Authors: Jin Hong Wi, Ho-Ki Min, Do Kyun Kang, Hee Jae Jun, Youn-Ho Hwang, Dong-Kie Kim, Hyun Kuk Kim, Hang Jea Jang and Il Rhee
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:116
  10. Diabetes is a risk factor for (micro) vascular damage of the brain, too. Therefore cognitive performance after coronary artery bypass grafting may be hypothesized worse in diabetics. To avoid observational err...

    Authors: Jens-Holger Krannich, Therese Tobias, Jens Broscheit, Rainer Leyh and Wolfgang Müllges
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:115
  11. With recent advances in post-operative care and surgical methods, the number of cardiovascular re-operations is increasing. We analyzed our institutional experience to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the a...

    Authors: Jin Woo Chung, Hyun Keun Chee and Jun Seok Kim
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:114
  12. To evaluate, with different pacing modes, acute changes in left ventricular systolic function, obtained by continuous cardiac output thermodilution in various subsets of patients undergoing cardiopulmonary byp...

    Authors: Jose B García-Bengochea, Angel L Fernández, Daniel Sánchez Calvelo, Julian Alvarez Escudero, Francisco Gude and José R González Juanatey
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:113
  13. The purpose of this retrospective study was to identify the risk factors for postoperative recurrence for the patients with a spontaneous pneumothorax (SP). A total of 214 patients were studied over a period o...

    Authors: Hidetaka Uramoto, Hidehiko Shimokawa and Fumihiro Tanaka
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:112
  14. Due to high mortality rates in surgical treatment, total endovascular stent grafting has become a promising therapeutic option in patients with acute aortic dissection type B. In our case, a 76- year- old pati...

    Authors: Marcel Vollroth, Joerg Seeburger, Philipp Kiefer, Michael Hoebartner, Yvonne Bausback, Jens Garbade, Lukas Lehmkuhl and Friedrich Wilhelm Mohr
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:111
  15. There is a lack of data regarding heart surgery on patients who have been previously pneumectomized. These patients pose unique challenges and surgical management may necessitate deviations from standard metho...

    Authors: Alexander Fragkidis, Alexander Dimitriou and Dimitrios Dougenis
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:110
  16. We describe a patient with acute cardiogenic shock due to cardiac involvement in idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome (Löffler endocarditis). At the echocardiography, there was a huge mass in the left ventric...

    Authors: Nicolasine D Niemeijer, Paul LA van Daele, Kadir Caliskan, Frans BS Oei, Olaf JL Loosveld and Nardo JM van der Meer
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:109
  17. Pulmonary air leaks are common complications of lung resection and result in prolonged hospital stays and increased costs. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether, compared with standard care, the...

    Authors: Cosimo Lequaglie, Gabriella Giudice, Rita Marasco, Aniello Della Morte and Massimiliano Gallo
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:106
  18. The use of CoSeal®, a polyethylene glycol sealant, in cardiac and vascular surgery for prevention of anastomotic bleeding has been subject to prior investigations. We analysed our perioperative data to determi...

    Authors: Ehsan Natour, Michael Suedkamp and Otto E Dapunt
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:105
  19. Pleural effusions can be caused by highly different underlying diseases and are characterized by complex interactions of various local and circulating cells as well as numerous soluble parameters like interleu...

    Authors: Michail Klimatsidas, Kyriakos Anastasiadis, Christophoros Foroulis, Paschalis Tossios, Alexandros Bisiklis, Christos Papakonstantinou and Kyriakos Rammos
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:104
  20. Few reports discuss the outcome of pulmonary metastasis after radical esophagectomy for esophageal cancer. To clarify the data from such cases, we conducted a retrospective study on the clinical outcome of pat...

    Authors: Masashi Takemura, Katsunobu Sakurai, Mamiko Takii and Kayo Yoshida
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:103
  21. Delayed sternal closure (DSC) after cardiac surgery is a therapeutic option in the treatment of the severely impaired heart in pediatric cardiac surgery. The results with the technique of DSC over a 4-year per...

    Authors: Emre Özker, Bülent Saritaş, Can Vuran, Uygar Yörüker, Halim Ulugöl and Riza Türköz
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:102
  22. Pectus excavatum (PE) is a common chest wall malformation, with surgery being the only method known to correct the defect. Although the Nuss and Ravitch procedures are commonly used, there is no consensus as t...

    Authors: Zhenguang Chen, Ela Bella Amos, Honghe Luo, Chunhua Su, Beilong Zhong, Jianyong Zou and Yiyan Lei
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:101
  23. A 37-year-old man with end-stage idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy underwent an orthotopic heart transplant followed by a reoperation with mitral annuloplasty for severe mitral regurgitation. Shortly thereafte...

    Authors: Wobbe Bouma, Johan Brügemann, Inez J Wijdh-den Hamer, Theo J Klinkenberg, Bart M Koene, Michiel Kuijpers, Michiel E Erasmus, Iwan CC van der Horst and Massimo A Mariani
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:100
  24. Thoracoscopic surgery is a commonly used endoscopic surgical treatment approach in patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax. The conventional thoracoscopic approach utilizes three or more small wounds fo...

    Authors: Chih-Hao Chen, Shih-Yi Lee, Ho Chang, Hung-Chang Liu, Tzu-Ti Hung and Chao-Hung Chen
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:99
  25. Post-thymectomy pain in myasthenia gravis (MG) patients can inhibit breathing and coughing. Inappropriate usage of analgesics may exacerbate respiratory inhibition and even cause myasthenic crisis. Flurbiprofe...

    Authors: Chunhua Su, Yihua Su, Chiu-Wen Chou, Weibing Liu, Jianyong Zou, Honghe Luo and Zhenguang Chen
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:98
  26. Individuals with implanted mechanical valve prostheses require lifelong anticoagulation therapy with warfarin. The narrow therapeutic index of warfarin makes it difficult to dose and maintain proper anticoagul...

    Authors: Jie-Hui Li, Guo-Guo Ma, Shu-Qiang Zhu, Hao Yan, Yong-Bing Wu and Jian-Jun Xu
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:97
  27. Primary cardiac tumors are rare with an incidence ranging from 0.001% to 0.03% in autopsy series. The prognosis of cardiac sarcomas remains poor because it proliferates rapidly and distant metastases are often...

    Authors: Nobuyuki Furukawa, Jan Gummert and Jochen Börgermann
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:96
  28. Refusal of heterogenic blood products can be for religious reasons as in Jehovah's Witnesses or otherwise or as requested by an increasing number of patients. Furthermore blood reserves are under continuous de...

    Authors: Claude D Vaislic, Nicolas Dalibon, Oliver Ponzio, Maguette Ba, Eric Jugan, Franck Lagneau, Philippe Abbas, Yves Olliver, Didier Gaillard, Francois Baget, Michel Sportiche, Antoine Chedid, Georges Chaoul, Philippe Maribas, Christiane Dupuy, Bruno Robine…
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:95
  29. Paraesophageal bronchogenic cyst was one of common mediastinal congenital cystic lesions of foregut origin. Because of an intimate embryologic relationship with the esophagus, they were usually found intramura...

    Authors: Wuping Wang, Yunfeng Ni, LiWang Zhang, Xiaofei Li, Changkang Ke, Qiang Lu and Qingshu Cheng
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:94
  30. Congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries is a complex congenital cardiac anomaly with a wide spectrum of morphologic features and clinical profiles. Most patients are diagnosed late in their ...

    Authors: Prashant N Mohite, Aron F Popov, Diana Garcia, Rachel Hards, Bartlomeij Zych, Asghar Khaghani and Andre R Simon
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:93
  31. The goal of our study is to evaluate the effects of antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C and E), Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and dexamethasone (Dxm) in experimental rat models with pulmonary contusion (PC).

    Authors: Mertol Gokce, Ozkan Saydam, Volkan Hanci, Murat Can and Burak Bahadir
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:92
  32. Takayasu’s arteritis is an inflammatory arteriopathy which involves the aorta and its major branches, causing mainly stenosis of their lumen, though aneurysmal lesions can also occur. A young female with Takay...

    Authors: Ioannis Bougioukas, Dimitrios Mikroulis, Aron Frederik Popov and Georgios Bougioukas
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:91
  33. To investigate both the influence of ischemia before grafting on early hyperplasia of the vein grafts, and the dynamic changes of the intima after grafting in a rabbit model of vein graft disease.

    Authors: RongJiang Zou, MingJuan Sun, ZhiQian Lu and QingKui Guo
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:90
  34. Operative risk scoring algorithms identify patients with severe AS for transcatheter valve implantation in whom the anticipated operative mortality for conventional surgery would be considered prohibitive. We ...

    Authors: Andreas Goetzenich, Imke Deppe, Heike Schnöring, George L Gafencu, Dumitrita-Alina Gafencu, Hülya Yildirim, Lachmandath Tewarie, Jan Spillner and Ajay Moza
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:89
  35. Aortic valve replacement (AVR) with a small aortic annulus is always challenging for the cardiac surgeon. In this study, we sought to evaluate the midterm performance of implantation with a 17-mm or 19-mm St. ...

    Authors: Dong Zhao, Chunsheng Wang, Tao Hong, Cuizhen Pan and Changfa Guo
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:88
  36. We studied potential risk factors for postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF) in a large cohort of patients who underwent open-heart surgery, evaluating short- and long-term outcome, and we developed a risk-a...

    Authors: Solveig Helgadottir, Martin I Sigurdsson, Inga L Ingvarsdottir, David O Arnar and Tomas Gudbjartsson
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:87
  37. Psychosocial factors have shown independent predictive value in the development of cardiovascular diseases. Although there is strong evidence to support the role of psychosocial factors in cardiovascular morta...

    Authors: Zsuzsanna Cserép, Eszter Losoncz, Piroska Balog, Tamás Szili-Török, András Husz, Boglárka Juhász, Miklós D Kertai, János Gál and Andrea Székely
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:86
  38. The main objective of this study will be to determine the effects of a new advanced sternum external fixation (Stern-E-Fix) corset on prevention of sternal instability and mediastinitis in high-risk patients.

    Authors: Lachmandath S Tewarie, Ares K Menon, Nima Hatam, Andrea Amerini, Ajay K Moza, Rüdiger Autschbach and Andreas Goetzenich
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:85
  39. Thoracic splenosis is a rare entity resulting from splenic and diaphragmatic injury. Patients remain asymptomatic, and surgical intervention is not indicated in the majority of cases. We report a case of a 50-...

    Authors: Shinichi Fukuhara, Samuel Tyagi, Jaime Yun, Martin Karpeh and Angelo Reyes
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:84
  40. The arterial switch operation (ASO) has become the surgical approach of choice for d-transposition of the great arteries (d-TGA). There is, however an increased incidence of midterm and longterm adverse sequel...

    Authors: Aron Frederik Popov, Theodor Tirilomis, Michael Giesler, Kasim Oguz Coskun, Jose Hinz, Gerd Gunnar Hanekop, Verena Gravenhorst, Thomas Paul and Wolfgang Ruschewski
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:83
  41. Mitral Valve Repair (MVRP) has been shown to be significantly superior to Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR). Since the majority of repairs involve the Posterior Mitral Leaflet (PML) and not the Anterior Mitral Le...

    Authors: Frank Oertel, Karl Golczyk, Sigrun Pantele, Vladimir Danov, Manuel Galiñanes and Michael Beyer
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:82
  42. Mediastinitis is a severe complication after cardiac surgery. While improvement of prophylaxis and of medical and surgical therapy has reduced its incidence, the treatment of mediastinitis continues to be a ch...

    Authors: Florian Weis, Jens Heyn, Christian L Hinske, Ferdinand Vogt, Marion Weis, Felix Kur, Christian Hagl and Andres Beiras-Fernandez
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:81
  43. Papillary fibroelastomas are rare primary tumours of cardiac origin accounting for approximately 10% of all primary cardiac neoplasms. Due to a high thromboembolic risk, surgical excision is the mainstay of tr...

    Authors: Leanne Harling, Thanos Athanasiou, Hutan Ashrafian, John Kokotsakis, Virginia Brown, Anthony Nathan and Roberto Casula
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:80
  44. The advances in surgical techniques, resuscitation and anesthesiology support over the last years have allowed simultaneous thoracic and abdominal operations to be made for cancer and concomitant severe heart ...

    Authors: Algimantas Budrikis, Mindaugas Jievaltas, Sami Al Assaad and Sarunas Kinduris
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:79
  45. In the past decade, there has been an increase in the amount of patients with medical co-morbidities referred for coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG). Significant carotid artery disease in patients undergoin...

    Authors: Kelly M Wanamaker, Robert J Moraca, Diane Nitzberg and George J Magovern Jr
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:78
  46. Congenital pulmonary arteriovenous fistula (PAVF) is a rare disease which causes hypoxemia by shunting deoxygenated blood from the pulmonary artery into pulmonary venous return. Lung transplantation is the mos...

    Authors: Takuya Hirata, Kentaro Akagi, Shiro Baba, Fumitoshi Tsurumi, Tomohiro Nakata, Tadashi Ikeda and Hiraku Doi
    Citation: Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery 2012 7:77

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